The Nassau House

Project Description

Here is the 'Nassau House' apartments (built circa 1960). Once a fine example of late 20th century residential architecture, is seen here in serious disrepair – a victim of neglect and evocative of anything but Nassau. Exterior wall stucco is badly deteriorated with pieces and sections falling onto sidewalk and street below – a potentially grave hazard to tenants and pedestrians and raising the spectre of liability issues for the owner. Lowered rents and undesirable and costly tenants helped shrink building revenues. AAA Restoration's expert intervention required

Project Photos

Here, debonding stucco is evident with cracks and fissures due to water accumulation and other environmental factors, structural pressures and gravity – creating serious hazards for balcony users and persons below. Long cracks are seen radiating from window frame corners.

Work is begun with removal of corroded and delaminating stucco exterior

Corrective measures are commenced: Around entire structure 1000's of cracks, fissures, clefts and holes receive grinding and are prepared for urethane caulking – injected to reintegrate structurally sound veneer and weatherproof.

Painting process: With 360° coverage, a 'high-build' acrylic coating is used to establish a uniform, resilient and lasting shell with functional and aesthetic attributes.

Final touches: Enhancement to door and entrance frames – removal of old materials, re-caulking, painting, details