About US

About AAA Professional Restorations

Affordable Waterproofing And Concrete Repair/Restoration in Vancouver

We are a hands-on specialty contractor providing the most reliable services of: exterior building repairs, parkade repairs, waterproofing and traffic deck membranes.

Since its inception in 1994, Professional Restorations main objective has been to provide timely, quality service to our customers for projects running from small routine maintenance to large capital restorations. We complete each project effectively, efficiently and correctly, large or small-through teamwork, integrity, knowledge and skill.

We will continue our success by improving the value of our service through our commitment, responsibility and accountability to the people we serve OUR CUSTOMERS

Our Specializations

  • General Contractor Vancouver
  • Top to bottom building envelope restoration
  • Building Water Proofing
  • Face-Seal & Rain-screen systems repair
  • Deck restoration including vinyl application and liquid membrane
  • Complete balcony repairs – Railings Repair & Replacement
  • Building envelope restoration for leaky apartments/condos
  • Floor leveling and substrate preparation services
  • Multi level parking Deck Membranes
  • Envelope maintenance and waterproofing Membrane Restoration
  • All types of caulking applications
  • Exterior Paintings and Coatings
  • Shot Blasting and Expansion Joints Installation
  • Scarifier and Decorative Concrete
  • Building envelope inspections and repair

  • Construction

    AAA Professional Restorations, provide an integrated array of building repair and restoration services to turn a disaster into a dream. So, call us today, and our helpful restoration team in Vancouver will guide you through your entire project.


    One of the biggest advantage of hiring a professional is that they can perform the repair and restoration process very quickly as compared to get it done by yourself.


    Hiring restoration company means they employ various builders at once to work smoothly and efficiently in your property.