Exterior Building Repair

Project Description

Beirut 1975? Sarajevo 1995? Try Vancouver, circa '00'. Nelson Street. But this giant tower was under attack alright: from wind, rain, chloride, acid, UV rays – you name it. AAA Restorations repairs it.

Project Photos

While we're up here: The old monolith receives a complete exterior pressure washing. It hasn't felt this good in years.

Spalling, crumbling concrete; exposed, rusted re-bar: Over 200 balconies required AAA Restorations' structural concrete rehabilitation program – employing repair matrix, Sika® 123.

Poor initial construction conspired with natural forces to create this disaster. The damage seen here is typical of that all around the structure.

Crumbling concrete removed; re-bar cleaned, deoxidized; Sika® 123 applied and finished to perfection. All balconies repaired and raised to industry standard. War is over.